Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knock Knock... Who's there?

I happened to be out walking my dogs when I noticed three individuals walking around my neighrborhood. One of them happened to be Clark E. Ray, who is running for City Council-at-large. Now... before I go on about Mr. Ray, I just want to point out that since I've been living in Fairfax Village (January 2006) this is the FIRST candidate that I've seen walking around my neighborhood. This includes the three Ward 7 representatives, Chairman Gray and Councilmembers Alexander and Brown... but back to Mr. Ray.

He went door-to-door in Fairfax Village and NOT to talk about his plan and his ideas, but to find out what are the residents' top issues. He said that everyone he spoke to said "public safety". We talked a little about some things that have been happening in the Village. He listened. He didn't jump in with a prepared politician speech. He mentioned that he worked under the Williams Administration as a Neighborhood Services Coordinator and most recently in the Fenty Administration. He was the Director of Parks and Recreation until Fenty gave him the axe. ***side-eye***

I went on his website. I'm VERY impressed with his background. He's worked at the neighborhood, City and Federal level. He has clearly outlined the issues he wants to focus on and his plan. The two that jumped out at me are "Making a Safe City for Everyone" and "Our City's Rich African-American History and Future".

A member of the Fairfax Village Community Association Board and I invited him to join us on our next security walk scheduled for December 4th... Let's see if he shows up.

Oh Mendelson... when are you coming to Ward 7???

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