Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guess that object

So... I was walking my dogs over the weekend and happen to see this small purple bag on the ground on V St SE. NOW I may have been born at night, but I wasn't born LAST night. Perhaps I'm being presumptuous.... So let's play the guess what was in that baggie game...
  • Earrings? Nope. I've never seen studs in a bag THAT small. Plus most of the people in my neighborhood wear big earrings.
  • Body jewelry? mmmmmmmm... I'm going to have to go with no. I have a bellyring, and most of the baggies they come in don't have a resealable top.

Then I struggled a little, so I decided to consult the Urban Dictionary. According to the dictionary the baggy most likely contained weed. Mmmmmmmmmmmm... nah. I don't think weed. If I were to venture a guess.... based on the clientele of the neighborhood.... I would say it's a crack bag.

As a side note.... I went on E-Bay. You can buy 200 baggies that size for the price of $1.99. How convenient.

Needless to say... Fairfax Village has our work cut out to rid the Village of drugs.

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