Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bling Bling???

I just learned of a disturbing statistic via my neighborhood listserv... In 2000, only 50% of the population in Ward 7 responded to the Census. Pardon me while I grab my heart like Fred Sanford... "I'm coming Elizabeth".... Okay I'm back. While I haven't been able to verify that statistic, it's still shocking. I blogged about the lack of outreach in Ward 7 and 8 for the 2010 Census.

As a real life example of how the Census is used... In my previous life, I was a highway planning engineer for the Federal Highway Administration. I oversaw the distribution of MILLIONS of dollars in highway funding in the State of North Carolina. The distribution of money was based on... guess what??? Population!!!!

People, People, People. I can't express enough how important the 2010 Census is to not only DC, but also our neighborhood. I know I sound like a broken record, but for Ward 7 this 2010 Census is CRITICAL. Real estate brokers court new businesses using demographic data. That data comes from... guess what??? The U.S. Census.

I encourage you to go to the U.S. Census website to learn more.

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  1. I participated in the last census...I think 2006? Very nice guy came every other month.
    I was happy to partake in the survey.

    Although I'm moving at the end of the month, back to ward 6.