Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 WTF moments in a day has to be a record

I had my patience tested yesterday. To recap, I’m the new President of Fairfax Village IV and I have every intention of sweeping out the bad apples. Now some of my neighbors have more compassion than I do… I’m sorry, you either need to ack-rite or get gone. Just saying…

The first order of business is to get rid of the renters that are causing a fuss. Then the next steps will be to ensure ALL owners are aware of the rules and regulations of the HOA, in addition to enforcement of those rules.

I got a phone call yesterday morning from a resident complaining about our trouble unit (drugs and prostitution). The owner is renting the unit to a disabled man receiving a housing voucher. Apparently no one seems to no how to contact the owner of the unit. I contacted the DC Housing Authority. The first person I talked to say she did not have the owner’s information. ***PAUSE*** I grilled her as if I was a prosecutor. I told her I found it hard to believe that you are paying someone rent each month and you don’t know their mailing address. Then she tried to explain that DC Housing Authority does not regulate their tenants. ***SIDE-EYE*** This was my second WFT moment of the call. I told her that I really found it hard to believe that you are paying rent for someone to live in a unit and you don’t have some minimum standards or code of conduct. Then she tried to brush me off saying that an inspector would call me… eventually.

I gave up on her and contacted the Ward 7 Community Service Representative in the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Service. He provided me a name and number of someone else to contact in DC Housing Authority. This lady informed me that the Housing Authority does have good neighbor rules. She was going to follow-up.

Magically an inspector from Housing called me. VERY nice man. He explained the process to removing a tenant, the “powers” (or lack thereof) of the Authority, and provided advice on how to deal with the situation. The result was he was able to put me in contact with the owner.

NOW… here’s my WTF moment number 3…. In the span of half a workday, I was able to get the name, email address, and mailing address of the owner; however, everyone else “claims” they’ve been trying for several months to find the owner.

I can see now I’m going to have my hands full with this position.


  1. LOL! Welcome to condo life. I've been on and off my board for the past five years. I'm not well liked on the property because homeowners (and their renters) don't like my no-nonsense attitude. But stand tall and firm Ms. V, I've got faith in you. It's the only way to keep things headed in the right direction. Oh, and a good attorney...

  2. So interesting. Back in 2004 I had a condo contract that fell through there. I know dealing communal property is hard so I applaud your hard work.

    Question: Are the renters fussing about things or your saying there are renters causing problems in the community that you want out?

  3. Most of the problem units are renters. We have very few issues with owners that are living in their units.