Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You abandoned me... Love don't live here anymore

I saw this on D.C. Wire this morning:

A Year Ahead of Election, Fenty Slumps in Ward 7

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D), who is up for re-election in less than a year, hit Ward 7 Monday evening.

Fenty, who made a name for himself by knocking on doors and literally wearing a hole in his shoe in his first mayoral bid in 2006, is again going door-to-door.

He was spotted in Precinct 106, which had 33 percent voter turnout in the 2006 primary.
On Tuesday night, he is scheduled to speak to the Fort Davis Civic Association, which represents the neighborhood in Ward 7.

Oh Mayor Fenty... NOW you want to come to Ward 7. In his years as Mayor he has hoboed his way to Ward 7 for plenty of ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings, but try to find him any other time... And those ribbon cuttings... most of those projects had their genesis in the Williams Administration, so let's not give him too much credit for the little progress that has been made in Ward 7.

I didn't vote for Fenty last democratic primaries... Why? Well I was having a hard time deciding between Cropp and Fenty. Then I realized, this isn't a hard decision. I got ONE piece of literature from Fenty the entire campaign, while Cropp was blowing up my mailbox almost every week. What that told me is Fenty didn't care about my vote. I tried to give him my love and the benefit of the doubt... but... love don't live here anymore.

I'm still waiting for the all candidates to throw their names in the hat to see who I'm endorsing. I do know that I am in the "Anyone-but-Fenty" camp.

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