Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What about me???

Before I get too deep into my thoughts, I want to start by saying I'm bitter. I feel left out. Forgotten. Unimportant... I can't think of any other adjectives to describe what I'm feeling. Why all the dramatics? Well 2010 is quickly approaching... So what? Well that means the 2010 Census forms will be mailed out in February and March. That's less than 4 months away and I haven't heard boo from the DC government about efforts in Wards 7 and 8 to make sure everyone is counted.

Maybe I'm too needy... Maybe I'm being a little selfish expecting a special focus on Wards 7 and 8. There is push from the Office of Latino Affairs to outreach to the Latino/Hispanic community. But Wards 7 and 8 are largely African American residents. Who is outreaching to us? In the jurisdiction that I work in, we started our outreach to all minority communities back in April of this year.

My big concern is the importance of the Census is NOT being communicated to the residents of DC. Why is the Census important? Well on a larger scale it determines Federal funding, political redistricting, and all that good stuff. BUT why this is soooooooooo critical to Wards 7 and 8 and why am I so frustrated? For the next 10 years, the 2010 Census will serve as the basis for demographics for our area. Demographics that will be used by real estate brokers and developers to determine which businesses to court for our area.

I have seen the current demographics for the my neighborhood cluster, I do not think it represents who lives here today. I predict the 2010 Census will show a higher median income (which is going to be crucial for attracting higher end businesses), lower percentage of adults without a high school diploma, AND I think it is going to show a high population in the 25-34 age demographic.

Is SOMEONE going to step up and spread the word? Bueller, anyone, Buller? (reference from Ferris Bueller's Day Off... in case you missed it)


  1. You are right on the money. In order to attract any kind of retail, developers need to be able to demonstrate that the demographics support the investment by the retailers. More people need to understand that the census is not invasive and, in fact, benefits their community in the long run.
    Carol (

  2. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton serves on the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, under which the Subcommittee on Information Policy, Census and National Archives.

    Start there...