Friday, October 2, 2009

Let the reign begin

Today is my first official day as President of the Fairfax Village IV board. The Vice President is also a woman. Women Unite!!! In all seriousness, we have some work to do. As an urban planner (I think I say that too much, but whatevs... it's my blog and I'll do what I want), I'm used to analyzing the existing conditions (Point A), visualizing the future (Point B) and figuring out a plan to get from Point A to Point B.

On my to do list for this weekend is to figure out where we are financially, in addition to thoroughly reading the by-laws. As a community, I want us to identify all of our major problems (their is a careful art to this... don't want to open Pandora's box). Then work collaboratively with the property managers, homeowners, and board to develop solutions and develop a 5 year strategic plan.

One of my motivations for running for the board is I'm a firm believer that if you want to see change then you need to get a little dirty. I hope that we will be able to improve the quality of life for all residents.

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