Saturday, October 17, 2009

The block is hot

I don't know what is going on this week, but Pennsylvania Ave has been jumping with bad accidents. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of sitting in traffic on the portion of Penn Ave from the Sousa Bridge and the Baptist Church (no I don't know street names... I know landmarks). Two cars in the eastbound direction had somehow collided and landed completely in the westbound lanes. There was only one lane open that was shared between both directions of traffic.

Then today I'm coming home and yet again, I had the pleasure of sitting on Penn Ave and Minnesota, due to a car accident. There was only one car, so I'm not exactly sure what happened. The police were literally arriving on the scene as I was going through that area.

Penn Ave is my main drag to and from work, so I have intimate knowledge of every issue and dangerous intersection that exists between the Sousa Bridge and Southern Ave SE. There are three parts of this street that I absolutely hate...

1. The intersection of Penn Ave and Southbound Minnesota Ave
When you are going eastbound, the traffic light at this intersection is outside of your peripheral vision. Your eyes automatically focus on the traffic light at Penn Ave and Northbound Minnesota Ave. It wouldn't be a problem, except for the lights are NOT synchronized. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people run that light, because their eyes are focused on the second light.

2. Pennsylvania Ave between the Exxon on Branch and the Laundromat going Eastbound
I know I mentioned this before, but I really hate this area. At Branch there are three eastbound lanes, then all of a sudden it become two lanes. There is NO warning. No merge signs. NOTHING. Speaking from personal experience, I've had a few heart thumping moments there.

3. I hate the fact that the middle lane switches direction during rush hour
I've seen several head on collisions and several that could have been head on collisions. I have NEVER driven in the middle lane. It just scares me.

I hope the Penn Ave Great Streets improvement project starts sooner rather than later.

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