Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shout out to the Boys in Blue

Around 6:30 PM, this evening I was walking my dogs around Fairfax Village. I stopped at the southwest corner of Fort Davis St and Pennsylvania Ave SE to talk to this women with three boys. The littlest boy wanted to pet my dogs. One of my dogs likes to jump, so I was kneeling down holding her. All of a sudden there was all this commotion... sirens and tire screeching. I don't even know where the first MPD car came from. It arrived so quickly, it was almost like they just abracadabra'd their way to the scene on the northwest corner.

Then two police cruisers and one unmarked car come to a screeching hault at Fort Davis St and Pennsylvania Ave SE. MPD is jumping out... I don't know maybe 8 officers in all. I looked over at the scene and 2 MPD had this teenager on the ground. Three MPD jump back in the unmarked car and screech off to somewhere. Two jump back into a marked car and disappear. They put the went back to normal like nothing happened.

I swear in the span of 30 seconds, MPD appeared, scooped up the teenager, and disappeared. Thank you MPD 6th District for all that you do!!!

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