Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dog Park in the East???

I have two Tibetan Spaniel dogs. They are perfect for living in Fairfax Village, because they are small, they rarely bark and they don't require a lot of physical activity. My dogs usually like to play in the evening, but the problem is there really isn't a place where I can take them close to home where I can let them run off leash. There is a little spot of grass behind my building where I some times let them run off leash, but the problem is it is not fenced in. All it takes is one cat, squirrel or bird and they will take off.

I was talking to one of my neighbors this morning. I told her that I wish we had a fenced in area where the dogs could play. There are a lot of dogs in the Village. Mostly small dogs since our By-laws say we can only have dogs under 30 lbs. However, there are some people with bigger dogs (violation of rules) and a few owners with out of control pitbulls.

Fairfax Village owns tennis courts off Suitland Terrace that are currently overgrown with trees and weeds. My neighbor and I were thinking it would be a PERFECT place for a dog park. It would be enough space to make a section for small dogs and another section for big dogs.

I went online to Department of Parks and Recreation website and was quickly disappointed to learn that they will only design and construct dog parks on city-owned property. So.... either Fairfax Village would need to make our own dog park or we would have to sell the land to the City to make a public dog park.... interesting. I'm going to call DPR on Monday to see if there is a loophole or something.

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