Thursday, September 24, 2009

Consider this your first warning

As of today, I am officially on the board for Fairfax Village IV. Many residents are pushing me to be the President of the board. Regardless, there are going to be some changes around here. One of the big issues that we face as a Village is absentee owners. Many of the owners live in other states and then put their units on the "list" for Section 8.

Let me pause for a moment. As a Christian, I believe it is our duty to be our brothers and sisters keeper. I have no problem with my taxes helping someone who needs help and who is trying to better for themselves and their family. HOWEVER, I'm also a person who believes that you have to help yourself. I do think you need to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps". I'll give you the boots. I'll give you straps. I'll even train you on how to lace your boots, BUT damnit at some point you have to do your part. All that to say that I'm not a Section 8 hater. I'm not in the business of putting people on the street.

Back to my issues in the Village and homeowners renting to Section 8. We have some renters, who happen to be Section 8, that are bringing down the property values, by doing doing and dealing drugs, prostitution, and general lack. This is now the second ghetto boo in my building. The last ghetto boo was a nightmare to say the least. It took us 8 months to run her out of the Village. I would expand on how horrible she was, but I don't even want to relive all that drama.

This ghetto boo had the nerve to knock on my door asking for $2 for gas. I may have been born at night, but it sure wasn't last night. You know good and well you can't even buy a gallon of gas for $2.

I'm going to cut this rant short, because I need to head to my HOA meeting. The Village is a nice place to live, and I refuse to let the riff raff bring the place down. I will give them an opportunity to do better... if not... You need to keep it moving.


  1. Yeah!!! Work it girl!!! We are working on the same thing in PSA 705. We are not having it anymore! Work it!

  2. BTW if you havent already contact the Housing Authority their division of Compliance and make a complaint. Doing/dealing drugs is a violation of their Section 8 contract and their contract can be terminated and that means no more payments. I think that would get the attention of your absentee landlord.

  3. Girl please. DC Housing is NOT responsive. However, we are definitely planning guerilla tactics to getting the unit owners to step up their game and the tenats to get some act right.