Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Penn Ave Great Streets Improvements

The Penn Ave Great Streets Improvements are coming!!!! According to the project website, construction was supposed to start in August 2009. I emailed the DDOT project team today to find out the status of construction. Apparently, one of the contractors that bid on the contract filed a legal protest over the award amount. DDOT was able to get it resolved and they expect to award the contract within a few weeks. It can take up to 90 days after contract award for actual construction to begin, but DDOT expects the construction to begin this Fall.

I'm VERY excited about this project. The portion at Fairfax Village will have four driving lanes, a bikepath, new sidewalks, a median, and street trees.

I encourage you to check out the website and send questions to the project team. If you would like you can email me ( your question(s) and I can ask for you.

[Revised 8/20/2009: I originally reported that there would be back-in parking. The Project Manager informed me today that was not accurate. The sentence has been deleted. I strive to provide accurate information.]


  1. Many River Easters are very suspicious of GS and their big plans for the area. Many are saying those bike paths and infrastructure improvements are NOT for us. I, too, was suspicious, when I heard about these plans a year or so ago, at a meeting held at the Randle Highlands Public School.

  2. I think anything that shows signs of newness will be met with skepticism. I think that Penn Ave deserves to be special since it's one of the main gateways into the City from MD and not to mention the Capitol faces us.