Thursday, August 20, 2009

MPD Neighborhood Camera Statistics

One of my blog commenters asked me about the effectiveness of the MPD neighborhood security cameras. I did some research and unfortunately given the newness of the program there are not a lot of statistics available. I was able to find the 2007 Annual Report on the Closed Circuit Television System, which was issued in 2008. I assume they are working on the 2008 Annual Report.

Here is the information from the 2007 Annual Report:
  • There are currently 12 cameras in Ward 7
  • The cameras are "passive monitoring" so they capture and record. However, the video is only maintained for 10 days unless it is being used for an investigation
  • CCTV areas out performed and had a greater reduction in violent crime, property crime and calls for service.
  • Within 250 feet of the cameras decreased 19% between 2006 and 2007. Other areas showed 1% increase
  • Property crimes increased 2% in the camera areas, which the rest of the City experienced a 5% increase
  • MPD investigators have made 532 request to view camera images, of which 144 images have been retained because of recording.
  • In 2007, the cameras captured four serious violent crimes
  • Phase I and II costs approximately $3.8 million


  1. Thank you for hunting that down! That was fast. You're an asset to the community. Gives me something to think about vis a vis that petition...

  2. You are most welcome!!! It would be interesting to see a 3-year program analysis that looks at the cost/benefit of the cameras.

  3. Ms. V - here's some data from London:

    I am not signing the petition; I'm assuming that the London model would be/is being reproduced here in DC.

  4. Interesting article. It seems DC has had a little more success with solving crime with their cameras. In talking with the local MPD they KNOW who the repeat offenders are and where they live. The problem is the justice system. One MPD said they busted a guy for drugs and he was back on the street 4 hours later. WTF!!!