Friday, August 21, 2009

Another loose end tied... almost

Just a little about me (yes I know this blog isn’t called Life with Ms V… although that could be interesting to some… I digress)… my Myer Briggs personality type is ENFJ (no time to elaborate, so google if you are interested). I’m a very strong “J”, which means that I need closure, but enough about me.

I blogged in June about this hideous vacant property located next to Fairfax Village. According to DC GIS database and the tax database, the physical address is 3802 Suitland Rd SE although it actually abuts 38th St SE (more to come on the address debate). In July, I reported that DCRA issued a letter to the property owner. Well, today I have more updates.

Today I was checking DCRA’s August 2009 Vacant Property without Exemption List to see if the property had been listed. Interestingly enough, I found 3800 Suitland Rd SE on the list, but not 3802 Suitland Rd SE. I called DCRA to find out the deal. I just wanted to make sure the wrong property wasn’t listed. Apparently, 3800 Suitland Rd SE had already been reported prior to me reporting 3802. I told the customer service representative that I was almost positive that someone was currently living in the house at 3800. I recall seeing someone move in around June/July. He said that he would send out a letter to the owner telling them to come in to have the property removed from the list. Concerning 3802 Suitland Rd SE, he stated that the owner’s time to respond had expired. He said he was going to list the property as Class III effective today. I thanked the man for his time. I can’t wait for the September list to come out.

Totally off track from my original mission, I needed to prove to myself that I wasn’t tripping about 3800 Suitland Road being occupied. I googled “3800 Suitland Road” to see if it was still for sale. I was able to find a listing that said it recently sold. I called the listing agent and he said that it was pre-leased, so someone was living in the unit and they were scheduled to close in 8 months. Then the conversation went downhill from there. The man tried to tell me that 3802 Suitland Road was in fact not the vacant property. He said the vacant property was on 38th Street SE (he’s partly right).

I went back to the DC GIS database to look up all the properties and here is what I found

3800 Suitland Rd (Square 5672 Lot 0101) - Assessed at $636,660
3802 Suitland Rd (Square 5672 Lot 0100) - Assessed at $257,550
3804 Suitland Rd (Square 5672 Lot 0101) - Assessed at $660,000
3806 Suitland Rd (Square 5672 Lot 0101) - Assessed at $662,860

Clearly, 3802 Suitland Rd is the vacant property, per DC’s data. Yes, I went through all of that just to prove I was right. Needless to say, I have a sense of closure.

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