Saturday, July 18, 2009

Poplar Point... What could it be in the future?

I attended the Poplar Point informational meeting this morning. The Project Team was presenting three alternatives for the site, in addition, they showed a plan for changes to Anacostia Park.

First of all, I am hopeful that the changes for Anacosta Park will be implemented in the very near term. Most of the changes seem like "low-hanging fruit" such as making a clearer distinction between the recreational fields, adding more tree cover, and relocating the road away from the waterfront, such that there can be more activity along the waterfront. There maybe some longer term items such as the construction of the US Park Police Headquarters and heliport.

Looking at the three alternatives for Poplar Point there were things that I liked about each alternative and there were somethings that I didn't like. The comments that I left with the project team are:
  • Consider accessibility between the proposed development and the existing neighborhoods to the east
  • Please ensure the architecture is iconic but still harmonious with the existing architecture found in neighborhoods in East Washington
  • Ensure there are building stepbacks such that there is a pedestrian scale to the buildings
  • No residential too close to the waterfront, such that it feels private. The waterfront is a public asset.
  • Pedestrian connection to the neighborhoods on the westside of the River.
  • The street network should be a grid pattern with pedestrian scale blocks.
  • There should be considerable access to the Metro Station

I had to leave early, but as my luck would have it, the Consultants on the project are the same Consultants on a project that I manage for the jurisdiction I work in. I definitely plan to get the scope. All-in-all, I think this is a great economic opportunity for the City, but I'm not holding my breath for anything to happen in the near term.

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