Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mystery Solved

The mystery of missing trees has been solved. I finally got around to calling DDOT Urban Forestry Administration about the missing trees in front of my building. I spoke with a very nice woman who said that we are on “The List” for getting little saplings during planting season (October '09 - April '10). While the area looks bland without our two big trees, I am looking forward to our new trees. It is like the circle of life or metaphor for change or something deep like that.

I will be out of town for the holiday, so I wish all of my neighbors a safe, happy, and blessed Independence Day.

Buy Wards 7 and 8 Challenge
I had to deposit a check (who uses these anymore…yesh) and get cash, so I headed to the Bank of America at 2100 Martin Luther King Ave SE (Ward 8). Granted I didn’t technically spend money, I still patronized a business in my neighborhood. I never knew this branch of BoA was here. I was able to find a spot right out front of the bank. The security guard was friendly. The only thing I didn't like is that the door is RIGHT at the ATM, so people are right behind you while you are taking care of your transactions.

In addition, I dropped my clothes off at Park Village Cleaners at 1563 Alabama Ave SE (Ward 8) recommended by Southeast Socialite. I'm getting two pair of pants cleaned and two pair of pants cleaned and tailored. The owner, Spencer, was super friendly. He told me that if you bring 4 pieces of clothes or more you get 20% off your drycleaning. I’ll let you know what I think about their drycleaning and sewing skills when I pick my clothes up.

Please keep spending your hard-earned dollars in Wards 7 and 8 while I am gone.

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