Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fairfax Village Security Meeting Recap

Photo of Lt. Netter and Office LaFrance
I really don't know where to start with this one. The meeting had its highs and lows. Before I recap the meeting, I need to add a disclaimer that I have a short attention span, I can only handle talking about problems for but so long, and I don't like talking about problems without talking about solutions. On with the recap...

The meeting started with an introduction by Dr. Scott who is the Community Association President. The first officer to speak is Officer LaFrance. He's the beat officer for Fairfax Village. He gave us the low down on things happening in the neighborhood and he provided his contact information. Lt. Netter spoke as well. Since most of us didn't know Officer LaFrance, Netter plead that over the next 60 days, Office LaFrance was going to introduce himself to every resident in the village.

We also met the two plain clothes officers for our neighborhood. I didn't want to post their names or photos, because I don't want to hinder their jobs. The two plain clothes officer said that they make about 3-5 busts a week for narcotics in Fairfax Village. However, the problem is they are usually back out on the street within hours. They even said they busted the same people multiple times. Sgt. Jones, who is the night officer, also spoke briefly.

The identified "hot spots" are Southern Ave @Suitland Terr, 2000 block of 38th St and 3900 block of Penn Ave. The Village Nine President said they are taking action to rid the 2000 block of 38th Street of the troublemakers.

It seems like the problem is the Court System. Who do I need to call to get that fixed? The police are doing their job, now the Courts need to do their job and keep the riff-raff off the streets. As a note, Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander was a no-show. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.


On to the good stuff... Solutions. Here are some recommendations that came out of the meeting.
  • The Community Association needs to write to the mayor as a community to have a Crime Control Camera installed at the hot spots. Each individual board needs to pass a resolution.
  • Residents need to be more vigilant and call 3-1-1 if you see any suspicious activity. It was recommended to give as much information as possible. Such as, did you notice the person put something in the garbage or in a bush.
  • Reactivate the neighborhood watch program
  • Be more vigilant about ticketing cars parked illegally. Office LaFrance said he would talk to James Welch on Monday about getting his permission.
  • Put speed bumps on 38th Street. We need 65 residents signature on a petition and then that needs to be send to DDOT
  • Get to know our neighbors and build a community
  • Be aware of your surrounds
  • Have a meeting with the Mayor... (as a side note: two of my neighbors and I started laughing when this was suggested. I hope my other neighbors realize, Fenty is not coming over here. Maybe when it's time for re-election, but even that is doubtful. He doesn't care about us)
  • Have a meeting with our Councilmember... (um... wasn't she supposed to be at this meeting?

Contact Information
Officer Lafrance #2579
Phone: 202-698-2088

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... contact Officer Lafrance or call 3-1-1. We need to be vigilant and protect our neighborhood.

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