Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Sunny Side of Rain

If it rains anymore in the DC area, I’m selling my car and purchasing an ark. I’m taking two of every animal… except snakes, because I’m terrified of snakes. With all this unseasonal rain, I don’t know how anyone cannot concede that the climate is changing. Despite standing water on major streets… despite I have to carry an umbrella everyday… and despite the fact that it is near impossible to get out of bed on a dreary, rainy day, some good has come of all this rain.

Based strictly on observation, the rain has kept the riffraff to a minimum in my neighborhood. Usually in April- June when the weather is nice (hot, but not the stifling hot as July and August) it brings the riffraff. Groups of people (maybe 8-12) will congregate all hours of the night on the various street corners. In the wee hours of the morning, they usually walk through the parking lot near my bedroom window talking at the top of their lungs, spewing every cuss word imaginable. While police chases complete with police choppers are rare, they also usually happen during these months.

However, the constant rain has kept the riffraff inside. I get home at all hours of the night because I work two jobs. I feel much comfortable coming home and not having to walk past a group of men just standing outside without a purpose.

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