Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Schoolhouse Snitching

I'm not one for snitching.... but as an urban planner in a neighboring jurisdiction the one thing I learned is if you want to see change you have to make some noise. I called Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) this afternoon with hopes that they can help me with a situation.

I took the photo above this past Saturday. What you are looking at is a vacant property owned by IDS DC Inc (according to tax records). During the housing boom they had sights on developing the property. They built four houses that were/are overpriced and not harmonious with the neighborhood. Then came the housing bust. I believe they just recently sold one house. The others still have for sale signs up. And this property is the graveyard for the foundation for the fifth house that was never built.
According to the information I found on the DCRA website, excessive overgrown vegetation is a direct violation of the "Nuisance Properties Abatement Reform and Real Property Classification Amendment Act of 2008". The area is prime for rodent infestation. Hopefully DCRA can track down the owner and get them to address the situation.


  1. I used to live in Oakcrest Towers and I passed that development on the way home everyday and it made no sense in terms of it's location and the way those houses didnt fit the neighborhood and were just crammed in. I am not suprised that even 3 years later only one has been sold. They were nice but they stick out. Anyone who could afford those houses wouldnt want to be crammed in like that and sandwiched between those apartement buildings.

  2. I think that townhomes would have been a more appropriate transition from Fairfax Village to the single family homes across the street. I doubt they will sell the other homes.

  3. That sort of opportunistic development and then total disregard for the neighborhood drives me batty. Those houses were an attempt to cash in on the boom, but when it failed, that company doesn't even bother to a) mow their land or b) clean up the trash there. I walk by that almost every day and it makes me... well, I think you can tell. I'm angry about it. Anything I can do to help?

  4. @Rob... I'll blog a follow up.