Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It ain't easy being green...

I come home yesterday to find that two big trees in front of my building have been chopped down. The one thing I love about the Village is that we have mature trees that provide ambiance and shade. Now we just have two stumps with dead gress. I didn't get a chance to call DDOT, Urban Forestry Administration today, but I definitely intend to find out when they are going to replace the trees they removed.

Oh Adrian....

Mayor Fenty has a tough job. He has to deal with DC residents, businesses, ambassadors from other countries, the federal government, and tourists. It's probably the most thankless job, because if you make one group happy, you probably get hate mail from someone else. I don't agree with all of Mayor Fenty's decisions. Personal opinions of the Mayor aside, I do have a HUGE gripe.

My gripe with our "beloved" Mayor is his speech pattern. I don't have a degree or expertise in speech pathology, but my ears can tell you there is something wrong with his speech. It's like he doesn't fully annunciate or articulate or something. He speech pattern is very cluttered. I can't put my finger on it, but I have to mute my TV when he's on. I don't know if he's has a medical condition or if that is just the way he talks. Regardless, if I'm going to have to listen to our fearless leader for however long he is office, I advocate the man getting some speech therapy.

I guess this is bothering me today, because he's all over the news about the Metro accident.

Metro Accident
My deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of yesterday's crash.

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