Monday, June 15, 2009

The Blueprint....

Hot off the press... I just got this email from Councilmember Jim Graham, regarding the blueprint to address gang activity in DC. Just printed my copy to read tonight. I'll be back with my thoughts, in the meantime, here's the email from the Councilmember.

Dear Friends:

On Friday Council Chairman Vincent Gray and Councilmembers Mendelson andEvans joined me to release a blueprint for action on gang violence.

Last year the Council approved funding for the Healthy Families Thriving Communities Collaborative Council to develop a framework that the Council and Mayor can use to develop a citywide, community based strategy to end gang and crew violence.

The blueprint proposes a series of recommendations to be implemented over a120 day period upon passage by the Council. Within the first 90 days, the blueprint recommends --

- The Mayor establish a working group to develop a coordinated response to high profile youth violence cases

- Aligning existing resources to respond to gang and crew related critical incidents

- Identifying the most at risk gang and crew involved youth and connect them to services immediately

- Implementing protocols for street mediation, truces and rumor control,and engaging family members of both perpetrators and victims involved in gang and crew related violence

There is no substitute for police presence and action, but we cannot exclusively arrest our way out of gang violence. These young people need targeted services that address all of their needs. We as a government and as residents need to cooperate. We are tired of seeing these young people being killed in the street. Families are tired of feeling unsafe in their own homes and neighborhoods. I will be working closely with Mayor Fenty and the Council on the next steps to move forward with actions from the blueprint.

The blueprint is available online by clicking this linkhttp://www.grahamwo blueprint. pdf or by copying and pasting it into your Internet browser.


Councilmember Jim Graham

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