Monday, April 13, 2009

Safeway Needs to Step it Up

The closest grocery store to Fairfax Village is the Safeway is located at the intersection of Alabama Ave, Naylor Rd and Good Hope Rd. It is a walkable distance from Fairfax Village and a few bus routes will get you to the front door. The great thing about City living are amenities within walking distance.

BUT… if you have EVER been to that Safeway, you probably avoid it like the bubonic plague. The fruit and vegetables are never fresh. The store isn’t filthy, but at the same time it never feels clean. As soon as you walk in, you are bombarded with high fructose corn syrup containing items that are on sale 10 for $10. The staff are loud and rude. I use to drive all the way to Alexandria for grocery shopping. I only went to the Safeway in dire situations like I’m in the middle of cooking and I need eggs.

Then I found the Giant at Congress Heights. Based on my experience with Safeway, I will admit my expectations were not that high the first trip. As an urban planner, I think that property could be more pedestrian friendly instead of the Big Box retail look. However, as a resident, I LOVE that Giant. It is clean and well lit. The staff is polite and professional. I was so impressed that I had to write Giant thanking them for giving us a Class A grocery store, when other stores tend to give us their C team at best.

Thanks to the newfound gem in the East, I rarely shop in Alexandria anymore. I am proud to say that I am spending my hard-earned dollars in my community. Now if I can only get Safeway to upgrade their store to the caliber of the Giant, I could do most of my grocery shopping trips via walking or bus.


  1. this an interesting perspective. my safeway is at 40th & dix sts. ne, the east river shopping center. i prefer the good hope marketplace because it is likely to be well-stocked, less hectic in the aisles both with customers and products, and cleaner. if i'm coming home i may stop at the cap hill safeway. you might want to share your concerns with craig muckle, safeway's pio, at 301-918-6803 or

  2. Thanks Sylvia... I will definitely contact him.

  3. meanwhile, Harris Teeter on Capitol Hill is the most convenient/nice grocery store for me.

  4. Someone else mentioned the Harris Teeter to me. Maybe one day I'll be adventurous and check it out.

  5. The Harris Teeter on Capitol Hill is official. We need one East of the River.